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DIGITALIA solo show Spain

DIGITALIA solo show Spain

“The art exhibition Digitalia at the 2B Gallery in Palma De Mallorca is a reference to the Foxglove flowers – Digitalis being their Latin name. These extremely poisonous flowers, sometimes lethal, have always amazed me.

The way in which these flowers naturally react to the human touch seems to be a revenge of nature against its destruction. I believe ecological challenges, including climate change and global warming are the most important issues we have to deal with today as a society. The name Digitalia also refers to the way in which more and more things, such as events, exhibitions, or meetings are now moved online, especially since the pandemic. Considering that absolutely everything is becoming digital, including art with NFTs, I believe it’s important to continue to produce real, tangible pieces of art in real life. To me it was important that my paintings in this exhibition oppose this trend through different mediums and formats, illustrating a more handmade, palpable side of art.”


As one of the most fascinating and prolific French street artists of the 21st century, Nerone expanded the traditional practice of street art in groundbreaking ways. This exhibition highlights the way in which the artist creates street art to construct his own narrative, express himself and his ideas about art, and pursue his ambitions to reconnect with nature. Nerone challenges the traditional look of street art, giving it a new meaning. Illuminating the seriousness of nature in artmaking, Nerone engages with and questions ideas, images, and language using only his brilliant art.